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In the Fall of 2014, after years of enduring the "red squiggly-line" and being met with perplexed "is that even a word?" commentary; our founder formally declared war on the English Language and launched as the first volley.

"I'm feeling handcuffed by limitations of the English language" - Is this You?

We live in a fast-paced society where personal communications have been cheapened to the point of metadata, bird chirping, instant gratification and screeds upon the wall.

We deserve better, more thoughtful commentary on our daily lives and the world around us. We are filled with hope, dreams, and aspirations.  We are an eloquent peoples with a right to eloquate...except for the fact that eloquate is not even a word! With your help we can change that.

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Knowledge is Power

We are at the forefront of the ever-changing English lexicon. Each year, new words are added as they come into common usage and old tyme ones are retired as they fall out of favor.  See the most recent additions and deletions here and decide for yourself if Eloquate deserves to be considered.


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